Tue - March 27, 2007

Google Earth Map with a GPS Track from My Paddling Workout

kayak gps track

Beaver Pond in Arapaho Bend Natural Area near Fort Collins, CO. This is a spot where I paddle and photograph most often. One lap around this lake is almost exactly 1 mile. In its northern end you can see two small islands with geese nesting. Further north, there are smaller ponds providing access to the Cache la Poudre River.

The GPS track comes from my 1.5 hour evening paddling workout on March 26, 2007 with the Thunderbolt-X kayak. It included a lap around the lake to warm up, then a 5 mile time trial for the virtual race (47:53), and some time to cool down and shoot a few pictures.

I am using Garming Edge 305 GPS for my paddling workouts. The track was extracted to Garmin MapSource software which provides an option to view it in Google Earth. I added a cloudy sky from one of my pictures, but it doesn't look realistic in the tilted Google Earth image. I need to figure out a proper scale and perspective.

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