Virtual Paddling Race 2008

The virtual race is entering its 5th year.

I have refined virtual race rules for the year of 2008 trying to simplify them, to reduce my bookkeeping, and make the race more competitive, even if you are compete against yourself. I had troubles to keep all listing updated during last few months of 2007 and I still need to record a few more entries.

The main change is that each next entry in the same boat and the same race distance must be faster than previous one. This doesn't apply to your first entry in the new year. So, we are looking for personal records. See the rules summary below.

kayak Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado

Summary of virtual race rules

1. Race distance. 5 and 10 miles (8 and 16 km).

2. Race course. A closed loop to average over water and wind conditions. Standing water without current is recommended since any current will usually work to your disadvantage on the loop course.

3. Boat. Any human power boats - kayak, canoe or rowing shell

4. Entries. You can enter any time and as often as you can and are able to satisfy the next condition. Use the entry form if possible or follow that format by sending information by e-mail.

5. Go faster. Each subsequent entry in the same boat and race distance must be faster than a previous one (except the first entry in a new year).

6. Time recording by any GPS unit. I can accept some other recording methods like, e.g., a speedometer on a water without current.

7. Points:

  • 1 point for each 5 mile entry
  • 2 points for each 10 mile entry
  • 1 additional point for every 0.5 mph above 6 mph

8. Result posting. I will post race result as before for 5 and 10 mile course separately for cruisers (speed < 6 mph) and racers (speed > 6 mph). Additionally, the supermen with speed > 7 mph are recognized by red color listing. Points are listed for all paddlers together.

9. Paddlers info. I would like to maintain a paddler information page, at least, for more frequent racers. So, you are welcome to send pictures of yourself, your boats and paddling waters, and any other information or stories you would like to share. If you have some training or racing tips I can post them in the fitness paddling blog.

waterproof digital camera for paddler

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Wed - January 30, 2008

2008 race

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Thu - October 4, 2007

Thunderbolts, Ruahine F1, Diller C-1, Vajda Supersonic Among New Race Entries

William Willems, Amsterdam I have updated all race entries which I received before September 20, i.e., before my trip to Europe.

The submission form is currently sent by e-mail. So, you may have problems if do not use any e-mail program on your computer and use web mail instead. In that case please just send me the required data by e-mail. The recent entries to the virtual race include several runs by Brint Adams in Ruahine F1 multisport kayak and Don Walls in Diller Savage River C-1 canoe. They are competing for the top position in the 2007 points rating.

William Willems from Amsterdam returned to the race in Vajda Supersonic K1. He paddled another Vajda K1 last year - CivetCat. I paddled Thunderbolt-X on my local pond near Fort Collins.

We are welcome a new virtual racer, Chaz Ross, from Uniondale, Pennsylvania, who is paddling Thunderbolt-X:

Paddling less than 1 year. Bought a OCC 700 at Christmas time to use in triathlons and realized I needed a faster boat so just bought a Thunderbolt X last week. I love the speed.

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Sat - August 18, 2007

Virtual Race Updating

I believe that all race entries are up to date.

Please let me know if your entry is missing or if you see any mistakes. Some entries were skipped since there is a limit of one entry per week for a paddler in the same boat.

The submission form is currently sent by e-mail. So, you may have problems if do not use any e-mail program on your computer and use web mail instead. In that case please just send me the required data by e-mail.

- Marek

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Mon - March 26, 2007

Virtual Race Entry Submission

paddle training In 2007 season, race entries are limited to one per week from a paddler in the same boat. You can enter more often if your are paddling different boats.

Please be sure that your are paddling one of the race distances: 5 miles, 10 miles, or 1000m (0.625 mile). Small differences in measuring the race distance are OK (e.g., resulting from a delay in turning off or switching your GPS).


Name: Age: Location:

paddler profile: any information you would like to share about yourself, e.g., how long you have been paddling, your boats, how do you train, your races, plans etc. See examples. You can provide a link to your website if you have one.


Date: Distance: 5 miles 10 miles 1000 m

Boat: Paddle:


Time [hh:mm:ss]: and distance (if not exactly equal to the race distance)

Optional: maximum speed average HRM

description of paddling area and race course (loops, shallow/deep water, etc.):

weather and water conditions:

any other related comments or links:

These data are submitted by e-mail. You are welcome to attach pictures, GPS tracks, maps, etc.

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